Sep 22, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part1}

After waiting in line for a little over 90 minutes, my anticipation for this Hermes sample sale finally ended. With strict security (FYI: don't even think about holding a spot for your friend; hawk-eyed security caught several linecutters), I was able to enter the showroom at 9:15am. Expecting havoc and hysteria (à la last sale), I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shopping atmosphere cool, calm, and collected. No hoarding or mob free-for-all this time.

As per usual, the jewelry section was where the crowd migrated to as they filed in. It was hard trying to get a peak at the rings, charms, and necklaces inside the glass displays with the growing crowd. But it was clear that jewelries were the most discounted items at this sale. Some gold/silver combo rings were $140 (originally $465), and $165 (originally $550). Cache Coeur charms were $325.50 (originally $1175). The gold chain necklace (11th photo below) was $3,600; discounted from $12,000. Unlike the last Hermes sale, enamel bracelets were less sought after. There were a lot less in varieties offered this time with the narrow enamel bracelet priced $276, medium $306, wide $396.

Moving onto shoes. I found a pair of satin sandals (14th photo below) that were priced $292 (originally $730), patent flats were $450 (originally $1,125), sexy alligator sandals (13th photo below) were $2,380 (originally $5,950), and suede boots (12th photo below) were $1,290 (originally $2,150). Although I found the shoes section to be better than I imagined, there were many pairs from the past Spring 2009 collection.

*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part2}
*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part3}

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