Oct 28, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* YSL: Young, Sexy, Lovely {part2}

After looking over the bag and clothing sections, I quickly made my way towards the other side of the showroom to see what shoes and accessories YSL had to offer.

The shoes section was, in my opinion, the best part of this sale. Absolutely gorgeous pumps, sandals, wedges, and boots lined row after row of racks--I just couldn't believe how affordable they were. The shoes were priced in the $150~$400 range, though a vast majority were $200 & $250. As expected, boots were a bit more expensive at $500~$600. A pair of sexy rose stem heels in raisin were $200 (4th photo below). A pair of simple black stilettos were only $150. Goya wedges (2nd photo below) were $379 (originally $795). Denim clogs (8th photo below) were $200. And sky high boots in chocolate (7th photo below) were $599 (originally $1,240). Sizes (Italian) ranged from 34 to 42. For men, the selection was a bit slimmer (1 long double-sided rack compared to the 5 for women) and sizes ranged from Italian 39~46.

What I loved about this sale was how easily you are able to find something for $100 and under. There were a great many scarves in different colors and materials all priced $100. Belts, in both leather and jeweled, were available in sizes 28 inches to 36 inches. Leathers went for $50, while jeweled ones went for $100. But if you purchased 2, you got an additional belt for free. In addition, full-sized umbrellas (originally $695) and patent leather coin purses in candy hues were $100. Even sunglasses were only $75 with any additional sunglass purchase going for $50. The jewelry collection was hard to resist as well. Many varieties of beautiful cocktail rings were under $100 (some were $39 & $59). I caught glimpse of a YSL metal cage cuffs (16th photo below) from the Spring 2009 collection and the Y–Mail diary in black patent (11th photo below) priced $150 was absolutely adorable.

Finally, according to a friendly SA, bags, shoes, RTWs will be restocked. So dropping by everyday to check for anything new may not be such a bad idea since many of the items available today were so reasonably priced. I'm sure you'll be able to find nice things for your friends & family for this holiday season. Shoes and accessories price list at the end of this post.

*SAMPLE SALE* YSL: Young, Sexy, Lovely {part1}

Price list:
Shoes $150~$400
Boots $500~$600
Belts $50 (Buy 2 get 1 free)
Scarves $100
Sunglasses $75 (each additional $50)
Gloves $150
Umbrellas $100
Men's ties $50
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