Nov 9, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Holiday Greetings from J.Crew Sample Sale

It's a fact that Clothingline hosts a countless number of J.Crew sample sales. I usually skip them because I find better deals and definitely better quality when purchasing online or in-stores. But this time, because the focus was on holiday pieces, I decided to head back and have a look.

The doors opened at 10am with 30~40 women & men already in line. After the obligatory coat check, I began my holiday shopping in the shoes and accessories section. There were a lot of ballet flats in different styles (satin, leopard print, leather, metallic, and suede). I saw a few Martina satin peep toes in blue and mauve that are still being sold at J.Crew. A pair of gladiator sandals from the previous sample sale were available as well . While the shoes selection was really great, there was a downside. Sizes and quantities were very limited. Regarding pricing, shoes & boots were $99 per pair and $150 for 2, while Tretorn sneakers (also being sold online) were $20. After perusing the shoe section, I moved onto the jewelry. Although I did not see many rings and earrings, there were plenty of sparkly bracelets and necklaces to fancy. But I have to warn you, they were going fast.

Bags were also very popular. People were snatching up 5 leather bags at a time, leaving only a few (canvas and metallic bags) left in the bins. Prices were decent. Small fabric bags were $20 each and $50 for 2. Medium fabric bags were $40 each and $60 for 2. Leather bags were $80 and $120 depending on the size.

Moving to the clothing section, AKA, the biggest section of the sale. It was no different from past J.Crew sample sales held at Clothingline. Around 19 circular racks and a little more than 20 wall racks full of tops, dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, and coats. Most items were badly creased. For a sale that was focused on holiday pieces, there were hardly any items that I would wear to a party. There were TWO small racks of Collection items by the cashier full of sequins and animal prints but that was it. I also noticed a small section of Crewcuts.

I saw no lines when I stepped out of the building. Although I didn't enjoy the clothing section, the shoes and jewelry did have its appeal. If you happen to pass by the Garment District, make a quick stop. As always, see the full pricing at the end of this post.

Price list:
Basic Tees/Tanks/Polos $15
Embellished Tees/Tanks/Polos $20
Shirts/Tops/Cotton/Wool Sweaters $35
Thomas Mason Dress Shirts $50
Cashmere S/S&S/less Sweaters $50
Cashmere Sweaters/Pants $75
Cashmere Dresses $85
Fleece/Pajama/Thermals/Lounge $20
Cotton Bottoms $30/2 for $50
Denim Pants $50
Suiting Vests $45
Suiting Pants $70
Suiting Skirts $50
Suiting Blazers $149
Knit Dresses $50
Everyday Dresses $60
Party Dresses $90/2 for $150
Long Silk Dresses $125
Puffer Vests $45
Casual Jackets $50
Puffer & Fleece Lined Jackets $70
Trenches $109
Wool Outerwear $149

Small Accessories $25
Small Fabric Bags $20/2 for $30
Medium/Large Fabric Bags $40/2 for $60
Small Leather Bags $80
Medium/Large Leather Bags $120
Boxers/Tights/Socks $5
Hats/Earmuffs/Gloves $15
Leather/Shearling Gloves $20
Ties/Belts/Scarves $20/2 for $35
Cashmere Scarves $45
Sneakers $20
Shoes/Boots $99/2 for $150
Hair Accessories $5
Pins $10
Bangles $15
Bracelets $25
Earrings $25
Rings $20
Necklaces $35
Embellished Necklaces $60
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