Nov 9, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Sampling Nanette Lepore

In the showroom of Nanette Lepore, frugal shoppers hunted for low priced skirts, dresses, pants, tops, and more. There was no line to enter the showroom, but inside there was a huge crowd busy picking out great deals.

I arrived exactly at 9 this morning. Three long isles of clothing racks and a few tables of knit tops filled the small showroom. Prices were great! Excluding coats and evening dresses, all items from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection were priced under $100. I found lots of winter tweeds and plaids--jackets, pants, skirts were abundant. There were some shiny pieces as well. Dresses and skirts in metallics, sequins, and satins brightened up the room. People were grabbing 5~10 pieces at a time; eventually lining up for a fitting room. Speaking of the fitting room, a significant line for those rooms had appeared by the time I left.

Although I was really impress with the pricing, I'm sorry to say that I just couldn't find anything that I really liked. There were a few pieces that I thought were cute--a studded mini skirt, a fitted blazer, and some winter basics--but other than those, nothing seemed to catch my eyes. In addition, trying to shop in narrow isles while people passed by every second or so was not so pleasurable. It really started to get uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was get out.

On my way to the exit, there was a table full of accessories. I found evening clutches that were priced $90 and knit scarves in bold shades priced $30. Leather belts and a few handbags were also present. It was my personal taste that resulted in me not finding anything. But considering the great prices and quality, it could be worth your time if you are an enthusiast of Nanette Lepore.

Price list:
Nanette Lepore pricing
Coats $275
Jackets $195
Skirts $95
Tops $95
Pants $95
Shorts $75
Dresses $145
Sweaters $95

Oonagh pricing
Tees $40
Long sleeve tees $60
Dresses $80
Jackets $80
Pants $60
Skirts $40
Cardigans $95
Pull overs $80
Sweater dresses $95
Evening Star dress $295
Disguise Me coat $495
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