Nov 18, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Picking Posen's Pieces

At noon today, I dropped by Zac Posen's showroom on Laight St. to see what pieces were available at his F&F sample sale. I had heard from a close Mizhattan source that prices would be low and a lot of evening gowns would be available. As it turned out, this was not a hyperbole.

Mr. Posen, himself, was on-site greeting and giving fashion tips to mostly mature European well-to-do fashionistas that packed the showroom floor. Speaking of the showroom, there was 1 rack of glamorous runway evening gowns. Three racks of dresses--cocktail dresses and day dresses--were situated nearby. In addition, a single rack of jackets and two racks of silk blouses and tops were also positioned for easy shopping.

First, let's start with the runway evening gowns. Words that came into mind were: Stunning, Posh, and Haute Couture quality. The cocktail and day dress section held it's own as well. There was a lot of floral and satin pieces. Strong colors like fuchsia & emerald and bold patterns like polka dots & stripes were everywhere--painting the room with glamour. I saw an ivory jersey draped dress (5th photo below), carefully wrapped in plastic, that I immediately fell in love with. And the kicker was that all the gowns were only $200(!), while the dresses were all $125! Sizes varied depending on the item, but I did see that for each piece, there were about 3-5 different sizes available.

Moving onto tops. I saw drool-worthy silk blouses with gorgeous drapery that were priced only $50. Knits were $60 and the jacket rack consisted by $95 merchandises. There was a Z Spoke section comprised of t-shirts ($15), blouses ($35), and jackets ($55). But why bother looking at his lower label, when his premier collection was so affordable. Alas, I didn't find any accessories, just RTWs. And on a side note, there is no dressing room.

Overall, I thought the price points and offerings were fantastic (especially the gowns). And it seemed most shoppers agreed because Posen's pieces were flying off the racks. To be honest, I'm not sure if anything good will be left for tomorrow. So, if you want a great deal on a Posen piece, I suggest you run, not walk, to his showroom today!

Price list:
Zac Posen Collection
Blouses $50
Skirts $50
Pants $50
Knits $60
Jackets $95
Dresses $125
Gowns $200

Z Spoke
T-shirts $15
Blouses $35
Skirts $35
Pants $35
Knits $35
Jackets 55
Dresses $70
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