Nov 18, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Swooning Over Thakoon

The Thakoon sample sale, open to the public, had only 4 shoppers when I got there this afternoon.

Just like their last sale, as soon as you enter the Soho showroom, shoes are the first thing you see. This time, it was a few dozen pairs of sandals and boots (mostly 39~40). "These sizes run really small", a very friendly employee told me. She also mentioned that prices were dropped today. Boots were $290 and sandals were $190. After a quick glance, I shifted my attention to the sample racks.

There were about 7 sample racks--mostly adorned with dresses and skirts. I saw lots of chiffons, silks, and sheer fabrics in poetic colors and patterns. I was surprised to see a few canary chiffon dresses from the last sample sale mixed amongst the many new pieces. FYI, if you are looking for apparels that are more appropriate for winter, I suggest skipping this sale. There was one coat and a few oversized jackets, but most pieces were for the summer & spring(ish).

So, here's what I found from the sample rack. A black knee length coat with mirror detailing was $525 (10th photo below), a light cotton summer dress was $75, a jersey draped mini skirt was $125, a polka dot floral short sleeve top was $200, a cream color blouse dress was $200 (14th photo below), a black mini skirt with big bow detail was $150 (5th photo below), and sleeveless patterned dress was $150 (8th photo below).

On the opposite side of the aforementioned sample racks, non–sample racks surrounded the walls. Here I found a stylish black tiered evening jacket which was priced $825. A faux–fur jacket, also in black, was only $90. A basic charcoal gray cardigan was $285, an oversized black coat was $450, and a light gray pleated dress was $120.

This sale runs till tomorrow from 8:30am to 6:30pm at 270 Lafayette St., Suite 1005. Remember, only go if you're searching for your next summer wardrobe. The sale was really calm and quiet, so if you do choose to go, you'll probably receive great customer service.
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