Nov 17, 2010


Rebecca Minkoff bags, adored by celebrities like Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Keira Knightly, and Jessica Alba, were on sale at a venue in Soho today. Celebrity trend followers (mostly in their 20s) lined up to try to cash in on the discounts.

The line for this sale wasn't surprisingly long. I arrived approximately 30 minutes before the doors opened and only found around 15 people ahead of me. By the 10am opening, the line grew to 40 calmly waiting patrons who were all let in. Once inside, the laid-back attitudes of the shoppers quickly changed to fierce competition. Rebecca Minkoff's MAC clutches in many different hues were jumping off tables and flying everywhere. People must have really liked the pricing because most were carrying at minimum 10 bags. But as if that wasn't enough, they were hunting for more. Morning After bag was $327 (originally $525~$595), Nikki $327 (originally $495~595), Main Squeeze Foldover were $217 (originally $395), Adore were $206 (originally $375), Mini Matinee were $272 (originally $450~$495), Mini Rikki $316 (originally $575), and True Love were $272 (originally $495). See more pricing at the end of this post.

In addition to these bags, I also spotted a table just for samples in the back of the venue. But mind you, these sample bags were quickly disappearing. For those that are interested, here are some sample prices I found: Mini Bowler in navy snake combo were $250, Ostrich MAC clutches were $160, Python clutches were $160, Burgundy with chain strap totes were $250, pouches in different sixes and colors were $15, a studded chain strap mini shoulder bag was $80, and Microfiber Mini Minis were $151. I couldn't find any Addictions or Knocked Ups.

Other than the popular Minkoff bags, there were many bins of small accessories and two lonely racks of RTWs. Prices for bracelets in different styles were $26~$42. Wallets were $69, $88, $90, $151. Pouches and keychains were $30. Also, if you purchase over $750 worth of merchandise, you received a free small pouch in silver (although it didn't look tempting to me). BTW, no lines by the time I stepped out.

Price list:
Bags & Clutches
Morning After bag $327
Morning After Mini $303
Nikki $327
Main Squeeze foldover $217
Main Squeeze buckle clutch $217
Main Squeeze buckle tote $272
Mini Matinee $272
Mini Rikki $316
Adore $206
Dear tote $302
Rapture $327
Cherish mini tote $206
True Love $272
Zip clutch $182
Rendezvous $206
3 Zip Rocker $107
Easy Rider Date clutch $217
Easy Rider tote $357
New Fling $178
Lover's clutch $192
Mini Mini $182
Linear Stud Nikki $357
Zip Mab Mini $302
Addiction $217
Lust $217
MAC clutch $162
Linear Stud Flame $327
Loveletter satchel $272
Loveletter Mab $272
Stud Mab Mini $349
Devote $327

Pierre trench coat $217
Elodie dress floral silk $137
Tyler striped tank $52
Tyler striped LS top $60
Belle Tee $44
Lindbergh wool jacket $217
Elodie dress tie dye silk $162
Elodie dress black $123
Gunmetal motorcycle jacket $217
Je Be Taim tee $49
Jacques top tie dye silk $107
Lindbergh suede jacket $382
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