Nov 17, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Timeless Exotics at Sang A

If today's Rebecca Minkoff sample sale is for young celeb–loving–trendsetters, the Sang A sample sale (only a block away) is for classy bag connoisseurs who seek timeless designs.

Sang A's exotic skins, whether they be elegant evening clutches or alligator totes, were displayed beautifully inside their cozy studio. Every item was priced individually and price tags were not available. This was a nuisance, since I had to ask how much an item was every time I lifted a bag/clutch.

So, let's talk about these bags. The River bag was available in 4 different flavors: raspberry vintage–finish alligator (priced $700; 7th photo below), metal rust python, metallic finish python, and snake patchwork. They were all stunning!! The elegantly timeless Cine bag in black python was priced $2,000 (originally $4,500). If you wanted it in alligator (1st photo below), it was $4,000 (originally $14,000). The Pop Multi-Color Pastel Matte Python tote (2nd photo below) was $1800 (originally $2600). The Clap clutch (6th photo below) was $600, while Mezzo totes were $500 (originally $2,300). As you can see, even though these beautiful bags were deeply discounted, they still aren't cheap. However, considering the quality, construction, and design of each piece, I doubt anyone who was shopping there today was arguing.

Moving onto Sang A's smaller pieces. For those on a budget (and please take leniency with that word), I found many pieces here that were somewhat affordable. The Mini Olivia in numerous color and skins (5th photo below) were $500 (originally $1346). Jade clutches in python were $200, Flash oversized clutches in silver and bronze were $150. These clutches also come in pony skins which were priced $250.

Employees were very friendly and helpful (even if you asked many questions). By the way, some pieces did show minor imperfections so eye the merchandise carefully before you hit the cash registers. For those who cannot make it to this sample sale, some of these bags and clutches are available online (here & here) for the same prices as at this event. Although seeing these beauties in person would be my recommendation.

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