Mar 23, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part1}

The weather couldn't have been any worse for the public opening of the Hermès sample sale. With the temperature hovering in the mid-30s and rain/sleet/snow pelting away, extremely brave Hermès lovers shivered on 33rd St. for a chance to grab some designer deals.

When I arrived at 7:30am, I thought the inclement weather would discourage all but the most ardent shoppers. But to my surprise, I found 200+ people already waiting in line. This time around the Soiffer Haskin staff didn't take draconian measures when it came to line control, but it was nice to see that there wasn't any line cutting.

Alright, enough chit-chat...let's get to the good stuff!

As always, there was an abundance of Hermès scarves available. I couldn't find any pleated variety but the silk ones--in a rainbow of dazzling colors--laid waiting for shoppers. 90cm scarves were $231 (originally $385) and the limit was set at 10 per person. Design-wise, I spotted a few mosaics, astrology, chasse en inde, hermès-sellier, and les folies du ciel. The staff was courteous and replenished items at a rapid pace.

Men's ties were abundant as well. The price was set at $111 (originally $185) with a limit of 10 per person. Silk ties were overflowing with busy patterns and vibrant colors. See photos below.

This was the most popular section. Amongst a little pushing and shoving between potential buyers, I was able to see a gap and squeezed in. What I found on top of the glass jewelry displays were enamels in various stripes, patterns, and designs. Enamel PMs were $215 while enamel GMs were $260. The limit was 5 per person. Compared to the previous Hermès sale held at Soiffer Haskin, I couldn't help notice that the enamels were limited in styles and quantity.

*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part2}
*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part3}

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