Mar 23, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part 2}

Although many ladies were snatching up 2~3 boxes of sandals and flats, I found the deals less than impressive. Want to know what else I never find impressive at Hermès samples sales? The Ready-To-Wear. Find out why, after the break.

So here is what I spotted. Athena sandals (4th photo below) for $780, Audace (1st photo below) for $915 and Aurore sandals (3rd photo below) for $660. On a side table, I found around 10 pairs of boots. All were priced differently but it's safe to say that they were $1000 and up. Many of the sandals were from previous seasons and sample sales, hence my reason for not being impressed.

The clothing section at Hermès events are rarely a free-for-all melee. That's because they are still quite expensive. Any seasoned super-shopping stylista knows to go for the bags, enamels and scarves. If nothing catches your fancy, resort to shoes...but never ever RTWs. Therefore, as much as I love their timeless designs, I rarely peruse this section. So, just in case you are interested in prices, I have a few. A basic leather skirt was $2743 (originally $4575). Another basic skirt, this time in wool, was priced $490 ($1225). A knee-length raincoat was $2160 (originally $5400). Well, that's that!

*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part1}
*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part3}

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