Mar 23, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {part3}

While waiting in line at every previous Hermès sale, I'd always fantasize about what types of bags and small leather goods I would be going home with that day. It's always nice to pick up a canvas Garden Party tote or leather Dogon wallet for a great discount. Unfortunately, I knew that this time around, things would be different. Very different.

Ohh~ how I miss the good old days when you could get amazing deals on Constance and Garden Party bags. There was a time when several multi-level racks were bursting with totes in varying sizes, but alas, things have changed. A fellow Mizhattanite mentioned that there were "absolutely no bags and small leather goods at the VIP sale". This wasn't entirely correct. I did see a Plume 45 traveling bag for $3950 (1st photo below), which originally retails for $7900. In addition, I spotted a Porte-Habits GM in Havane priced $4425 (originally $8850). There were some Garden File totes going for $962.50, but the quantity paled in comparison to previous sales. Finally, the Camail shopping bag in fauve from the photo above was $1137.50, which is 50% off retail.

Now, this was a surprise! I haven't seen Hermès tablewares at these events in quite a while. Stunning china dishes and crystal glasses laid on long Hermès orange tables near the enamel section. Sushi plates were $81 (originally $135). A coffee cup/saucer set (4th photo below) was $96 (originally $160). A gold-trimmed blue goblet (3rd photo below) was priced $414 (originally $715).

The always present fragrance rack held a variety of Hermès scents. A single Eau des Merveilles 1.6 oz spray was $54 (originally $90), while the gift set was $54 for the small and $75 for the large. The Jardin sure le Nil gift set, comprised of 2 sprays, 1 lotion, and a shower gel, was $111 (originally $185). Like the last sale, discounts weren't eye-popping. It would have been nice to see the 75% off retail pricing of years past.

Accessories & Miscellaneous
Tucked away in a quiet alcove, I found a small selection of fur scarves (5th photo below) and leather gloves (6th photo below). In addition, I also spotted Le Carre Hermès books priced $66 (originally $110) and $354 (originally $590) for ones with a silk cover. Hand towels were $40, which was a discount of 50%. Leather hats were also available for $600 (originally $1000).

Final Thoughts
After the 2 hour wait in the freezing cold, I would have to say that I was a bit disappointed. The Hermès sale is always legendary. The "big momma" of all NYC sample sales. Yet, for all the shivering and waiting around, I came out empty-handed--which is a rarity. So, what more can I say. If you want a discount on a few scarves and ties for future presents to friends and family, definitely drop by. If bags are your main interest, then wait for the next sale happening in the fall.

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