Apr 6, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Get nOired

First off, I have to say that the nOir sample sale offered some great bargains on their jewelry. On this sunny morning, I arrived at the sale 10 minutes prior to its official opening time and saw that early shoppers had already begun bin searching for big bargains.

One thing to mention, the entrance of the building is very easy to miss. Not having the building number visible in a somewhat secluded area, I had to wander around a little before finding the entrance. If this is your first time to this sale, like me, look for the small red awning with an elevator door on the south side of 38th Street.

After finding the elevator that took me upstairs to the showroom, I started making my way through the sale. The first thing that came into my mind: "These prices are awesome!". Except for a few leather bags with fur tails, everything was priced $75 and under.

If you decide to attend this sale--which I highly recommend--most of "good stuff" is on the right side of the room. The left side does have $2 belts, $2 bangles, $5 clutches, $10 bags, and cheap random accessories, but they weren't so appealing. In comparison, you will find very stylish nOir pieces on the right side. Rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces were organized into different prices and carefully wrapped in plastic baggies. I spotted $5 Armani Exchange cuffs and $10 coral flower necklaces. Beaded cuff bracelets, currently sold online for $73.50, were $30. Necklaces from their current season were $60, animal cocktail rings were all $75, and I also spotted their fun Bat Girl & Super Girl cocktail rings. There was also a range of pretty earrings (priced $40) and bracelets (priced $75) from their Spring 2011 collection. A pair of chandelier earrings were my favorite. The Shaka bracelets were really cool, but these weren't a bargain as they were priced $25--same as the online price.

On a final note, the staff was very friendly and helpful. The sale was well organized and there's a mandatory coat check. In my view, if you need some nice chic jewelry, it's well worth a visit since everything was so affordable. Price list is at the end of this post.

Price list:
Clutch $5
Bags $10, $20, $40, $150
Belts $2
Bangles $2
Earrings $5
Armani Exchange cuffs $5
Necklaces $10
Earrings $20
Current collection bracelets $30
CZ bracelets $50
Current collection necklaces $60
Animal rings $75
Spring 2011 earrings–now in stores $40
Spring 2011 bracelets–now in stores $75
Shaka bracelets $25
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