Apr 6, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Look Inside Jaded & Ted Rossi

Jewelry-palooza anyone? In addition to the nOir sample sale, Jaded & Ted Rossi are hosting ones of their own. Fellow Mizhattanite, Restricter, gives us details inside both events:

"I went to the Ted Rossi sale, which also let you in early. Limited stock but great prices – 50-70% off. Staff was friendly and helpful. Also went to check out the Jaded sale. The website doesn’t do justice to the stuff. All semi-precious stones with 22k plated clasps/chains. Pieces are statement-y, maybe more mature than the nOir crowd might like. Prices were 50 and 70% off."

It's a jewelry trifecta today, so happy shopping. Hat-tip to Restricter!

{Image credit: Jaded}
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