Aug 3, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Big Wang Theory

Today's Alexander Wang sample sale had everything a hip fashion-conscious youngster could ask for. Great music, great clothes, and great bargains. The official public opening is at 3pm today, but I got an early preview this morning to see what kind of deals I could score.

This event was bigger than ever (quite literally). Their new space increased the square footage substantially over the previous sample sale. A whole floor was dedicated to Alexander Wang's RTW and his secondary line, T by Alexander Wang, while the smaller intimate basement housed his much sought after bags & shoes.

Let's start with the RTW floor. Prince of downtown chic, Alexander Wang's spring & resort 2011 collections were neatly arranged in racks & boxes. As soon as you enter the room (after the mandatory handbag check, of course) the first thing you see are the men's racks. In the men's section, I was able to find items priced between $35 and $250. In the women's section, however, I found items priced higher--between $60 and $260. Just a note, clothing tags were marked with different color stickers that correlate to a price list. So here are a few items I spotted: beaded shorts priced $140 (11th photo below), navy blazers priced $180 (4th photo below), and leather vests priced $240. The T by Alexander Wang section was priced very reasonably--between $35 and $100. Though they were mostly basics, the quality of these items were excellent! There were light gray zip-up cardigans, cotton shorts, and military green cotton pants. In addition, stuffed inside boxes, were tons of knit tanks, shirts, and dresses made mostly of lightweight materials.

The best part of this sale was located in the basement. This was where all the highly coveted Alexander Wang bags & shoes were displayed. Prices for handbags were $250, $300, $350, and $400. Shoes were priced $170, $250, and $300. Sizes for shoes ranged from 36 to 41. In the handbag section, I saw Jade Trunk wristlets ($250 & last photo) and Brandas ($300). In the shoe section, I found Tempest knotted sandals, Freja booties (1st photo below), and Suvi booties. As you can see there were lots of booties & sandals and prices were mostly around the $250 mark.

On my way out, I noticed many women & men trying on clothes in a small "unisex" fitting room. Ladies, this space is far from private, so dress accordingly. Finally, I was told that merchandise will be replenished daily and that sales tax was included in the marked price.

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