Oct 26, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Adorable Finds at Bonpoint

Bonpoint, the couture quality luxury brand for children's clothing opened its doors for VIPs late yesterday. Most stylish mommies already know that Bonpoint is the go–to brand for their precious ones, but were the bargains at this Bonpoint sample sale as sweet as the little Mary-Janes that sat on palm of my hand?

If you read my earlier articles, like this and this, you already know that I have an extremely soft spot for adorable clothes. Looking at beautifully made garments in the tiniest forms & sizes always brings a smile, and I was in full "joy mode" while browsing Bonpoint's offerings yesterday. From itsy bitsy cashmere cardigans in the prettiest pastels to the chicest puffer coats that I can't believe don't come in my size were set on tables and racks. Everything was organized into different age groups--from newborns to 12 years old--and almost all merchandise was discounted 60% off retail.

So, let's go deeper into prices & finds. Different varieties of pants such as corduroys & denims were around $50~$58. I spotted an adorable tiered plaid miniskirt for $64 (6th photo below) and a snuggly salmon pink cardigan for $62 (photo above). Sounds reasonable, right? Well, coats, jackets, and a few dresses were pretty pricey. A pale pink peter pan collar coat was $186 (7th photo below) and those puffer jackets that I mentioned earlier were $178. Great prices for adults, not so great for kids--especially knowing how quickly they grow.

After a lot of oohing~ and ahhing~ in the clothing section, I moved to shoes. Gosh, everything was soooo~ cute! The shoe section was mostly comprised of Mary Janes, loafers, and sandals. Out of all these tiny shoes, a few pairs of Tod's Junior loafers sat fashionably. They were $122 (10th photo below). Classic black patent Mary Janes from the Bonpoint label were $48. Compared to those Tod's loafers, these were a steal. Also in the center of the room, there was a delightful surprise of Halloween costumes. For your lovely princess, there were tiaras & magic wands. While for your princes, there were medieval knight costumes with wooden swords & shields.

The official public opening for this Bonpoint sample sale is today and it runs until Thursday. Since the YSL sample sale is just a floor below, I suggest all you mommy Mizhattanites drop by and see if you could get your little ones something stylish. After all, a mommy who deserves a little YSL also needs to dress their kids in a little Bonpoint. It might not be your kids' everyday clothing brand for some, but for special occasions and at these discounted prices, it might be just the trick (or treat).

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