Nov 17, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* The Row Show

By the time this article is published, today's The Row sample sale is history. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's ultra luxe brand hosted a 1 day sample sale that only lasted 3 hours and I just didn't want to miss it. So this review is for those who couldn't attend and want to live vicariously through this report.

The powerhouse design duo of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen debuted their classically minimal with a touch of bohemian label, The Row, in 2007. To briefly describe the brand's style, their pieces have modern silhouettes and refined cuts that are beloved by trendsetters. I, for instance, fell deeply in love with their Fall 2011 collection and hoped to find at today's sample sale a few pieces that I've always wanted.

When I first arrived at the showroom, I noticed only a handful of shoppers in line. By opening time, the queue had grown to about 40 people. As I mention in my tweet, I noticed almost everyone was dressed in black which kind of made sense since the label is well-known for exquisite tailoring and minimalism in black. As soon as the security personnel allowed the first group to enter there was a free-for-all with shoppers grabbing whatever they could get their hands on. It was like they knew exactly what they were doing and it didn't seem like it was their first time. The few sunglasses displayed on an elegant wooden table disappeared in an instant. Poof! Having lost the battle of sunnies, I moved into the main room and took a glance at the price list. Prices were determined by different colored stickers. Green meant $30, orange $40, red $50, yellow $80, blue $100, pink $150, black $200, purple $250, and neon orange $300. Pieces without colored stickers had prices written on the tag.

As you may already know, The Row pieces are super expensive. Their cashmere cardigans go well over $1,800 and simple cotton button-down shirts can exceed $990. I know I was at a sample sale , but still, I just couldn't believe how affordable today's sale was. I wish I could tell you to run over to the Meatpacking District tomorrow but unfortunately the sale is over. I just hope this coverage can serve as a useful guide for the next time The Row hosts a sample sale. It was definitely worth waiting in the shivering cold. Oh, I almost forgot! There were 3 racks of men's clothing (denims, shirts, and jackets) in case you want to bring your husband/boyfriend next time.


  1. hello! i missed the sale by five minutes (arrived at 7:05 :(
    so im living vicariously through your report
    could you tell me if they had the seamless $250 tee on sale?
    what was the proportion of stuff under 50 dollars.
    what bargains did you score?

  2. Unless you got there at 4:00, ya missed it. I went at 6:00 and want my time back. :/

  3. I went at 5:30. Just L t-shirts and pieces uncharacteristic of Row for hundreds of dollars.

    Most items in the pics were there but not worth pricing for look and i Love The Row.

    I want my time back too.

  4. Sorry to hear that you ladies didn't find anything you liked. And to the first anon, I don't remember seeing any seamless tees. But I could be wrong since a lot of people were grabbing first and looking later.

  5. I'm surprised to hear you thought the sale was good! It was so much more expensive than last year, I was very disappointed. Last year there were tons of things under $100 -- this year it was just the t-shirts. I guess that's what happens as a brand gets more popular. I imagine the prices will just keep going up and up over the next few years -- just like the Alexander Wang sale which is now totally not worth anyone's time (but people still queue for hours).

  6. Hi Anonymous above,
    This was my first time attending so I had no idea the price actually had gone up. Thank you for letting me know your past experience. I will keep that in mind for the next time I attend.


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