Nov 18, 2011

Tiffany's Sparkles

Someday, when I'm older, I want to collect exquisite brooches as a hobby. Even as a child, I've always been drawn to sparkly pins than to any other piece of jewelry. There's something wonderfully unique about them. This is especially so in the winter when the juxtaposition of shiny cold metals & gems on a super soft fuzzy sweater simply does a number on me. That may be why I've fallen deeply in love with Tiffany's brooch collection. It might sound silly but I believe each piece must have a beautiful story behind it's creation just like your grandma's hand-me-down jewelry. More sparkles after the break.

{Image credit: Tiffany's & Co.}


  1. Each and every one of these pieces is extraordinary. I agree, it's hard to not imagine each has an important backstory. Not to mention the future memories of the (lucky) owner!

  2. Katie, yes they are precious, aren't they? I especially love the octopus. Any special one catch your fancy?


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