Dec 29, 2011

Mizhattan's Year in Review

Can't believe another year has gone by. So, how was 2011 for you? For Mizhattan, it was filled with lots of amazing sales and some unforgettable commotion (remember the infamous Ferragamo sample sale incident?). To recap Mizhattan's most memorable events & articles, I've picked out the most popular articles from throughout the year. Happy New Year everyone and here's to 2012!!

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Louis Vuitton (Jan. '11)
*ALERT: Louis Vuitton Price Increase
*SALE HUNT* Barneys Warehouse Bargain Blowout 
*STYLE CRUSH* Julia Sarr-Jamois
*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {par1}
*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {par2}
*SAMPLE SALE* Hysteria at Hermès Heaven {par3}

*GET HER LOOK* Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
*MIZGUIDES* Fun Facts on Tod's Gommino
*MIZSPECIALS* 10 Classiest Classics {part 1: Office Hour}
*MIZSPECIALS* 10 Classiest Classics {part 1: Cocktail Hour}
*MIZSPECIALS* 10 Classiest Classics {part 3: Leisure Hour}
*SAMPLE SALE* Insanity for Exotics at Nancy Gonzalez

*ALERT: Classic Chanel Price Increase 2011
*SAMPLE SALE* Sole Stampede at Manolo Blahnik
*Playing Makeup
*SAMPLE SALE* Join the Club (Monaco)

*MIZGUIDES* Fall Color Trends 2011 {part 1: Orange}
*MIZGUIDES* Fall Color Trends 2011 {part 2: Green}
*MIZGUIDES* Fall Color Trends 2011 {part 3: Black & White}
*MIZGUIDES* Fall Color Trends 2011 {part 4: Yellow}
*MIZGUIDES* Fall Color Trends 2011 {part 5: Red}

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Tiffany & Co. (August '11)
*Autumn Nails
*MIZGUIDES* Love Actually: Facts on the Cartier Love Bracelet
*MIZGUIDES* Getting Employee Discounts at Theory
*Arrests Made at Salvatore Ferragamo Sample Sale
*GET HER LOOK* Marilyn Monroe
*SAMPLE SALE* 3.1 Lim(itless)

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  1. I only found out about your website this summer but I wanted to thank you for all the helpful style and shopping tips. Have a Happy New Years.


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