Jan 23, 2012

ALERT: Goyard Price Increase

On the heels of Prada, Hermès, and Chanel, Goyard will partake in their own price increase. Just in time for the resort season, the French luxury luggage maker will increase prices on February 1st. This is indeed sad news but not as bad as what I'm about to say. Hopefully you are sitting down for this because the increase is going to be a doozy. La Maison Goyard plans to jack prices up FORTY percent (gasp!). For instance, their most sought-after St. Louis tote in exclusive colors will go up an estimated $400~$500. This means shoppers should see newly minted price tags reading a little over $1,600!! To spare shoppers from completely fainting, basic colors like black and red will only be marked up $100. The only bright side to this terrible news is that you still have a little over a week to run over to Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys to snatch one up before the increase.

{Image via Fashion Gone Rogue}


  1. For wallets as well? There goes my goal of buying a Marquises bag...

  2. Bizare considering no one seems to tlk about them. They were hot a few years ago, now you rarely see them.


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