Mar 5, 2012

ALERT: Hermès Skipping March Sample Sale

If you're an avid reader of Mizhattan, you may already know that March heralds the return of the legendary Hermès sample sale. Sadly, according to my sources, the French luxury house will be skipping their March event this year. This is a huge deal since this biannual sale is considered the mother of all sample sales amongst fashionistas. My leading suspicion is that they may not have enough merchandise to sell off. If you remember their last sample sale, lack of inventory--especially in the scarf section--was clearly evident. This was also the case in Paris when they hosted a sale this January. Many Parisian shoppers complained that stock was noticeably limited compared to previous years. Though it hasn't been confirmed whether Hermès will host a sample sale later this spring, the March sale is a definite no-go. As usual, I will make sure to publish any updates if I hear anything new. In the meantime, let's hope for a bigger & better Hermès sample sale later this fall.

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{Image credit: NUVO Magazine}


  1. All the stores are running low on inventory for basic items. it makes sense that Hermes decide to cancel the sale to strength its brand image.

  2. We will wait for your updates on the subject!
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  3. Thanks for this update. I have been waiting and waiting for the dates. Now I know why. Love Mizhattan!

  4. better no sale rather than what they has last time! ))
    let's hope they will "collect" some good merchandise for the next sample sale in the fall!
    thank you for your updates!


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