Dec 26, 2012

Mizhattan's Year in Review: Sample Sales of 2012

With 2012 coming to a close, which sample sales were the most memorable to you? Any personal faves? Remember the record breaking queue at YSL? How about the big return of Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang? Whether you've just discovered Mizhattan or have been following the site from the beginning, the one thing every Mizhattanite shares in common is the love for bargain & sample sale shopping. So, to celebrate the end of another wonderful year, I present to you the 10 Most Memorable Sample Sales of 2012. If there are any sales that you felt were beyond spectacular/absolute disappointment, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Hope your 2012 was a great one and here's to more fantastic sample sales in 2013!

1. YSL in June
Ahh~ I won't forget this event any time soon. Shoppers were fiercely trying to get their hands on $350 Tribute sandals, $50 Arty rings, and deeply discounted handbags (Muses, Muse Twos, and Easys).

2. YSL in October
Though the inventory was lacking compared to the June sale (mentioned above), still, the YSL sample sale in October takes 2nd place. The queue to enter the sale began as early as 2am and was the longest turnout in Soiffer Haskin history.

3. Alexander Wang in November
After skipping out on their perennial August sample sale, the AW sale unexpectedly returned in early November and offered amazing deals on bags, accessories, and RTW. One shopper set up a camping tent to bear the frigid temps & the long queue was mistaken for a voting line.

4. Jimmy Choo in April
Even though many ladies didn't find the sale as satisfactory as the last sample sale in 2009, shoppers who entered the sale early on the first day scored big on stylish footwear for $75.

5. Diptyque in March
Gratifyingly deep discounts on luxury scents was how Diptyque left their mark on the 2012 NYC sample sale scene. Overcrowding lead to an abrupt early closing on the first day.

6. Chopard in October
Even after years of reviewing NYC sample sales, I have never imagined such a prestigious jewelry brand like Chopard would ever host a sample sale. Well, they did. And it was definitely a good thing.

7. Manolo Blahnik in May
Seeing one of the most influential people in fashion, Mr. André Leon Talley, giving fashion advice to Manolo manias was as classy as the label's stilettos. Plus, $100 designer pumps. Enough said.

8. Dolce & Gabbana in September
Sequins, corsets, leopard prints, and many runway standouts were why the crowds turned out for this one.

9. David Yurman in March
Lovers of upscale jewelry had a fantastic time bargain shopping fine jewelry pieces & the label's iconic cable collection.

10. Hermès in September
After being absent for a year, shoppers were anticipating huge discounts as well as a generous selection. Unfortunately, the Hermès September sample sale was a complete letdown.

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