Dec 4, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Marching through Marchesa

Are you looking for a whimsical dress that blooms and illuminates? Well then, today's Marchesa sample sale is just what you need. I've published Marchesa's sample sales a few times in the past but never had a chance to actually attend. That is, until today. With delicate laces, elegant embellishments, and sparkly sequins everywhere I looked, marching through Marchesa's showroom felt more like a dreamy stroll inside an enchanted forest. So, follow me!

Any girl with an exquisite sartorial taste knows that for the see and be seen event du jour, you can always count on Georgina Chapman & Keren Craig. They're the dynamic duo behind the Marchesa label, creating pieces more resembling of art than clothing. From satin drapes that fall elegantly to the floor to cocktail frocks that sparkle more than holiday decorations, I was in Marchesa heaven today. But I do have to wake up from this dream and report my findings, so let's move on.

Frugal savvy shoppers will be happy to know that nothing at today's sale was over $1,000. Isn't that incredible? Even the couture evening gowns with original price tags that exceed well over $7,000 were heavily discounted. I found three full racks of couture gowns priced $300, $500, or $650. Unbelievable! Items from their secondary line, NOTTE by Marchesa, were also very well priced. Tops were $75, cocktail dresses were $100, and evening gowns were $150. I figure the astounding price tags had something to do with the epic amount of hoarding inside the showroom (one group grabbed 7+ couture gowns). In fact, I'd go as far to say that it may be too late if you plan on dropping by later today or tomorrow because I was told that they will not be restocking.

Minaudières, on the other hand, were plentiful. Perfect to use as arm candy for upcoming holiday soirées, evening clutches were mostly available in satin, feather, crystal & python. Prices for clutches were $300 for satin, $600 for crystals, and $750 for pythons.

Price list:
Marchesa Couture priced as marked
Clutches $300, $600, $750

Tops $75
Cocktail dresses $100
Gowns $150


  1. what time did you go? I was finally let in 12pm...there was almost NOTHING for the couture line
    most cocktail and evening dresses had only larger sizes available

    1. I went in early. The first couple of groups inside grabbed almost all of the couture gowns.

  2. Mizhattan, What did you end up buying?

  3. Hi, do you think it is even worth it to stop by now (Wed, Dec 5th)? Thanks doll!

    1. If you wear smaller sizes, no. If you wear sizes 6 & up, it may be worth dropping by.

  4. Wear a size 12 is there any couture gowns left??


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