Dec 10, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Print Worthy

New York City is full of sample sales that go by with nary a word. The DVF sample sale isn't one of them. Just like her eye-popping prints, Diane von Furstenberg sales have always been news worthy of print. So, like the paperboys of old, why don't we "Read all about it!"

Bold & sexy at prices that aren't outrageous, that's what DVF customers want. At today's sale, shoppers were offered exactly that. In the RTW section, there were body-hugging dresses, structureless separates, winter-friendly coats, holiday wardrobe enhancers, and of course, the DVF DNA prints. From vivid spirals to colorful leopard prints, the racks were filled with eye catching patterns. As for prices, coats were $350, evening frocks were $275, daytime dresses were $125, and skirts/pants were $80...not much different from this past June.

Over at the handbags, there were various styles of totes, shoulder bags, and clutches. The bag section was definitely worth rummaging through as there was a lot of merchandise. The selection of clutches--Tondas & Lyttons--were plentiful in various materials. Large handbags were priced $285 while small sizes were $200 and clutches were $100.

Adjacent to the bags were the accessories. I found colorful scarves perfect for brightening up your winter look. In addition, there were leather belts, iPad cases, and small leather goods all priced under $75. In the back of the venue, there was 1 rack of $50 samples comprised mostly of summery materials. I would stay away from this rack as most items were not in the best of conditions.

Today's preview was pretty chaotic, so be prepared for lots of pushing & shoving tomorrow when the sale officially opens to the public. If commotion isn't your thing, I suggest waiting until the second day of the sale. And if you're worried that you'll be missing out on all the good stuff, take comfort in knowing that they'll be restocking everyday. You can find the full price list at the end of this article, but keep in mind that prices will drop towards the end of the week. I will let you know when it happens via Twitter.

Price list:
Coats $350
Gowns/cocktail dresses $275
Leather $250
Wraps and vintage $150
Dresses $125
Jackets $125
Swim cover ups $125
Blouses $80
Sweaters $80
Pants $80
Skirts $80
Swimsuits $50
Samples $50
Damages $40
Tees $40
Tanks $20
Large bags $285
Small bags $200
Beach totes $60
Clutches $100
Belts $60
Scarves $70
iPad/Laptop cases $75
iPhone cases/Small tech $20
Notebooks $10
Wallets $75


  1. Did you see any Zarita lace dresses? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry, I don't remember :( This sale had a lot of merchandise so I couldn't keep track.

    2. If I may chime in, I was there earlier Anon and there were none in the 0-6 range HTH

    3. no zaritas, but there were some pebble lace saritas in black. the zarita being one of dvf's classic bestsellers i don't remember seeing it at sample sales in the past years. correct me if i'm wrong.

    4. That's very helpful -- thanks for all the replies!

  2. do you think there will be markdowns on the last day?

    1. Yes, there always is. (I'm go to DVF sample sales a lot. I check it out three times a sale period: First day, middle of the sale week, and always the last day.)

  3. any idea if they have this lips print? been dying to get it.,default,pd.html?dwvar_D5130001E00_color=MKISS&dwvar_D5130001E00_size=0

  4. Went last nite. I love DVF and always go to the winter Sample Sale. I was surprised that they didnt cut prices yet. Everything was still the original Sample Sale listed price and soooo much inventory left. Bought 2 dresses but would've bought more if the prices were down.

    1. It would be too early to cut prices two days after the opening. but they always cut on the last day.

  5. Just came back. No line and prices were reduced. Blouses were $60 and swim cover ups were $100. Think dresses were $100 as well. Lots of stuff left.

  6. are they cutting prices today? and when is the line generally the shortest? thanks!

  7. Does anyone know what the prices will be today? I saw a dress that I want to go back for..

  8. Prices are cut by 25 dollars.

  9. For the last day, the final markdowns are an additional 30% off.


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