Dec 10, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Torynado Watch

Whether it's office boardrooms or weekend getaways, Tory Burch customers love to wear the label for its mix of preppy chic and boho bling. This may be the reason why the brand is so successful and the turnout at their sample sales immense. For the uninitiated, you'll need to know that Burch shoppers brave extra long lines outside and a flurry of activity inside just to get their hands on some discounted merchandise. So, if you plan on heading there, here's your sample sale forecast for what is bound to be a furious Torynado tomorrow.

First and foremost, today's Tory Burch sample sale was a bit disappointing. The inventory for both shoes & RTW was lacking in assortment & bounty. To prove my point, unlike previous sales, there was only one(!) display case of shoes. Wedge pumps, ballet flats, driving shoes, knee-high boots, and leather booties were available mainly in solid black & dark brown. There were no sandals or espadrilles. As for prices, Murphey sneakers were $99 (they are currently priced $122.50 online), Kendrick driver loafers were $125 (they are currently priced $192.50 online), and Alaina booties were $200 (they are currently priced $276.50 onlline).

Moving onto clothes. Though prices were reasonable, I was not impressed with their selection at all. The sale venue looked bare as there were only a handful of circular racks and 15 or so wall racks. Skirts, cardigans, polos, tunics, blouses, and T-shirts were all priced $95 & under. Embellished tops, sweaters, dresses, blazers, coats, and fur outerwear were priced $350 & under. The Faith dress, a lightweight coat in mosaic print (photo above), and a logo crewneck sweater caught my attention, but that's about it. So, I moved along to the bags.

As always, the wall near the checkout counter was where all the Tory Burch handbags were displayed. I spotted totes, satchels, hobos, and top handles. To name a few, there were Roslyn striped totes in pink & navy ($195), Michelle totes ($195), Maisey shoppers ($250), and Julian satchels ($250).

This winter's Tory Burch sample sale will run throughout this week so you have plenty of time to check it out if you want to avoid the first day mayhem. As for restocking, I was told that would happen daily.

Price list:
Tees & Polos $65
Sleeveless/Short sleeve tops $85
L/S blouses/Tunic $95
Embellished tops $135
Cardigans $95
Sweaters $125
Skirts/Shorts/Pants $85
Dresses/Kaftans $150
Sequins/Embellished dresses $195
Blazers/Jackets/Sweater coats $195
Coats/Ponchos/Outerwear $225
Leather/Suede $250
Shearling/Fur $350

Sneakers $99
Ballet flats $150
Driving shoes $125
Pump/Wedges $165
Booties $200
Boots $250

City Reva clutch $150
Stitched logo swingpack $95
Roslyn mini crossbody $125
City foldover messenger $195
Roslyn satchel $195
Tiny Tory tote $150
Roslyn stripe tote $195
City hobo $225
City tote $195
Stitched logo hobo $225
Michelle tote $195
Maisey shopper $250
Maisey tote $250
Maisey hobo $250
Julian top handle satchel $250
Julian small bag $225


  1. eh i was passing by at 2 pm when the email blasts were sent out. popped in but didn't see anything i liked enough to buy at current prices. not too much lower than department store sale prices i'd say. i'll prob pop in the last two days of the sale to see whats left of the tops and skirts, but dresses and shoes (which i had high hopes for) were a letdown.

  2. This sale was so so BAD
    Plain black cotton stretch dress was $150! In stores it sells for $185. Not much of a bargain.

  3. Does anyone know the hours they are open?
    I'm still curious even though I trust that it won't be an amazing sale.

    1. We've posted the hours in a separate article. Click HERE.

  4. Are booties sold out? I would like to go after work, but am only really interested in shoes-- booties and flats.

    1. Not sold out, but would depend on your size.

    2. Thank you-- size 8. Do you think it is worth a trip?

  5. Went this afternoon. It was not crowded and no line whatsoever
    Clothing was the only item that was reduced in price. Tees and Polos were now $40, Sweaters $75. Shoes and Handbags stayed the same price since Monday. I asked the staff why they didn’t reduce the price yet on the shoes and handbags and they said Tory decided not to because everything was already selling out and they didn’t see a need to. They might reduce the prices on the last day of the sale which is Sunday. I think the sale is worth it because the prices still can’t be beat online or in store with a 20%. The key to any sample sale it’s a SAMPLE SALE, you can’t be picky! I bought the long sleeve Lidia Polo for $40, in black(they had it in white as well), on Tory site it’s still $125

    1. Your insight is very much appreciated. Thank you! :)

  6. The maisey hobo tori Burch bag is it sold already?


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