May 2, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Chest full of NEST

With Mother's Day just around the corner, the timing for the NEST sample sale could not have been more perfect. NYC-based home fragrance maker, NEST, opened its corporate showroom doors to scent seekers early this morning and I decided to swing by to see what was on sale. Like a bee in search of fragrant flowers, I flew west to NEST.

The NEST sale was promoted as the last ever at 601 W 26th St because the fragrance company decided to move their office to a bigger and better place. So it was no coincidence that most of the shoppers waiting in line were employees of other brands/companies residing within the humongous building. At 8:30 on the dot, the glass doors opened and shoppers swarmed inside. Starting with candles, I found standard sized classics priced $15 while 3-wick candles were $25. There was a large variety of scents available such as Bamboo, Peony Blanche, Grapefruit, Orange blossom, Wasabi Pear, Pumpkin Chai, Moroccan Amber, and many more. Other than the classic scents, there was also a limited selection of designer fragrances. I spotted Jason Wu & AERIN candles for $20. FYI, the full price list is at the end of this article.

If you're interested in body products, there were many different items to choose from. Body wash, body creams, liquid hand soaps, bar soaps, body butters, body name it, they had it. I also stumbled upon several tables and racks of miscellaneous items that consisted of candles and fragrances. They were specially priced at only $10. Everything was reasonably marked down but the best deal was at the glass/ceramic vessels table. There were so many pretty candle vessels for 50 cents(!) each.

This was my first time attending NEST's sample sale and I'm sad that it may turn out to be my last. I can only hope that after the company moves into their new digs, they will decide to host another one. So, if you haven't found a gift for Mother's Day or you simply like to indulge yourself with luxurious fragrances, I highly recommend checking out this sale. And while you're there, you should definitely check out OXO's sample sale situated 5 floors down. The sale consists of TONS of great kitchen essentials for $2~$6 only!

Price list:
Classic candle $15
3-Wick candle $25
Tin candle $15
Sir Elton John candle $15
Link diffuser $10
Melt reed diffuser $10
Melt pillar candle $6
Body wash $6
Single votive $6
Glass/Ceramic vessels $0.50
Liquid hand soap $10
Body & Soul spray $15
Bar soap $6
Sprig paisley body butter $5
Vela aroma $8
Beach candle $20
Beach diffuser $20
Jason Wu $20
Fine fragrance body cream $20
Fine fragrance eau de parfum $40


  1. did they have any of the NEST fine fragrances?

    1. They did! Body creams were $20 and perfumes were $40.

  2. hi, are you sure the sale is on tomorrow? racked said just today?

    1. Yes. The invite says the sale ends tomorrow at 1pm.

  3. Did anyone go to OXO? How was it?

    1. I dropped by and found an abundant amount of kitchen goods. The staff kept bring out boxes upon boxes of stuff. Prices were marked with a colored dot. Most of the stuff was between $2-$6. So practically, they were giving the stuff away.

  4. when i went yesterday late afternoon, the body lotions were only $5


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