May 2, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* Meeting Elizabeth and James

Being a fan of Ashley Olsen's timeless and individualistic style, I've always been fond of her and Mary Kate's fashion labels, The Row & Elizabeth and James. While The Row caters to high-end mature clients, their contemporary line Elizabeth and James is best known for its younger and edgier style. I've attended several The Row sample sales so it was about time I met Elizabeth and James.

The Elizabeth and James sample sale was held near the borderline between Soho and Tribeca. When I arrived, I found no more than 10 shoppers waiting patiently for the 11am opening. I thought to myself that the sale would be a cakewalk. Boy, was I wrong. Roughly 30 minutes before 11, swarms of trendy 20-something ladies started to arrive. By the time I left, the line had quadrupled in size. Anyway. Once inside the 10th floor showroom, I found everything was laid out neatly and organized by category. Situated on the left side of the showroom, the label's RTW was comprised of button down shirts, pinstriped trousers, fitted dresses, safety pin embellished tops, summer maxi dresses, striped boatneck tops, and embellished collar blouses. Prices were impressive. Dresses were $75, coats were $150, pants were $75, skirts were $60, sweaters were $75, and blouses were $50.

Speaking of reasonable prices, I spotted many items from E&J's casual Textile line as well. From hoodies & loungewear to cotton T-shirts & denims, Textile pieces could be found in numerous plastic bins. While most were in good condition, I did spot some items that were slightly damaged. The good news is that I was told prices on items that were less than perfect were absolutely negotiable. So, use your negotiating skills to your advantage.

As for accessories, there was a wide range of opticals and sunglasses located to the right side of the showroom. From cat-eye frames to rounded shapes to retro styles, the tables were full of eye candies. Prices for eyeglasses were $65 while sunnies were $35 & $45. Adjacent to the eyewear, the jewelry section consisted of pieces that were discounted 60~80% off. Though most of the items were made from silver, I did spot a few beaded bracelets and gold plated pieces. Each item was individually priced but earrings were roughly $20~$60, necklaces were $35~$195, and bracelets were $16~105. While eyewear and jewelry were bustling with shoppers, the shoe area was relatively quiet. Here, I found sandals and sneakers priced $119. Booties were $150 and pumps were $125.

There were no dressing rooms available for shoppers at today's event so dress accordingly. The sale runs through tomorrow so if you're interested in attending, take a look at these photographs and the full price list before you go.

Price list:
Jeans $50
T's $30
Blouses & shirts $50
Sweaters $75
Jackets $100
Dresses $75
Coats $150
Leather and fur $200
Pants $75
Skirts and shorts $60
Long dresses and jump $100
Tanks $20
Long sleeves $35
Fur sweaters $100
Scarves $60
Eyewear $35~$65
Sandals $119 
Sneakers $119
Booties $150
Pumps $125


  1. Real disappointment compared to past ej sales
    This stuff all at Nordstrom rack
    My sunglasses fell apart


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