Jun 10, 2013


It's become the norm for Clothingline to open the Tory Burch sample sale a day earlier than their advertised official opening. Anticipating this, I dropped by the sale at 1:30pm today. Lo and behold, the showroom greeted me as it's first guest. So, welcome to the Tory Shop!

Just like a kid in a toy shop full of colorful and shiny toys, I entered the sale with great excitement and expections. First of all, blame it on the soaking rain, the showroom was somewhat empty during the entire time I was there. Definitely a first for sure. Usually, I would be in amongst a huge crowd of ladies grabbing what they can. Not this time. It was kind of nice. Anyway, let's talk about the merchandise.

I started my bargain search at the handbag section near the checkout counter. The selection on this year's bags seemed to have dropped compared to previous years. Handbags were mostly available in large leather totes in solid colors. The only print bags I spotted were the Baja tote in stripe and the Ella tote in several snake prints. To give you a few price points, the Beachy Nora flat clutches were $95, mini Tory totes were $175, Ella totes were $150, Amanda fold-over messengers were $250, and classic logo totes were $175.

There were tons of summer styles in the apparel section. Prices started at $65 for basic tees and polos while outerwear was $225. Dresses were $150, sweaters were $125, skirts/shorts were $85, and blouses/tunics were $95. I spotted the striped Emmy top, floral print Angie blouse, embellished Marygrace sweater, nautical Kamilla dress, and bohemian Gatlin skirt. As you can see, there were many eclectic designs and summery pieces you could wear to a beach party or pack for an upcoming summer vacation.

Just like last December's sale, the shoe section was disappointing. With only one display case of heels, wedges and flats available for shoppers, I did not find any styles that I liked. The Filipa espadrilles, Amalie sandals, and Britton thong sandals were a few items I spotted but really didn't care for. Most were just "meh". As for prices, sneakers were $75, ballet flats were $99, flat sandals were $99, driving shoes were $125, and wedges/pumps/heel sandals were $150.

The "official" public opening to this summer's Tory Burch sample sale is tomorrow at 11am. The sale will run through Saturday, June 15th. I will make sure to update you if/when further price reductions occur.

Price list:
Tees/Polos $65
Sleeveless/Short sleeve tops $85
Blouses/Tunic $95
Embellished tops $75
Cardigans $95
Sweaters $125
Bottoms $85
Sequins $195
Dresses/Kaftans $150
Blazers $195
Outerwear $225
Leather/Suede $250

Sneakers $75
Ballet flats $99
Flat sandals/Flat espadrilles $99
Driving shoes $125
Wedges/Pumps/Heel sandals $150

Louiisa mini bag $195
Beachy Nora flat clutch $95
Violet small tote $195
Violet oversized tote $250
Louiisa slouchy tote $295
Leather mini Tory tote $175
Leather classic Tory tote $195
Baja stripe tote $150
Amanda fold-over messenger $250
Ella tote $150
Perf logo classic tote $175
Amanda classic handle $295
Michelle tote $195
Amanda double zip tote $295
Pyramid stud hobo $250
Robinson bowler $250
Robinson middy satchel $225


  1. has tory taken additional discounts as the sale goes on in the past?

  2. Was the robinson tote there?

    1. There was the Robinson bowler and middy satchel.

  3. Do you know which "sneaker" they have? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I can't recollect the sneakers. Maybe a fellow reader can chime in.

  4. hi!

    Can you please confirm if the embellished tunics(the one in the picture) were also $99.

    1. Tunics were priced $95. But if your lucky, the cashier might think it is an embellished top ($75).

  5. Before I go brave this line, does anyone know what colors were available in the Robinson middy or bowler? Thanks!

    1. I believe I saw them both in the same colorways- an orange/tan/brown combo.

    2. Thank you. I'm going to hold out till Friday because I hope there will be some markdowns like last time.

  6. thank you for posting all sample sales -- I went to the tory Burch one yesterday - arrived at 5 and waited for about 45 minutes -- many people left the line and mentioned they were going to come back during the day as oppose to after work. They gave out numbers for the shoe section you had 5 minutes to look at the shoes try them on decide whether to buy or not and keep moving. Not really much a selection (bummer)
    To the person above that asked about the sneaker they only one I saw was the Dakota sneaker in Blue and Orange - they were sold out on most sizes but the girl said they should be restocking every day. I asked at the register if there is more discounts on friday and Saturday - she said maybe - they do sometimes and sometimes they dont. Happy Shopping ! and thanks mizhattan !

  7. Has anyone gone to the sale today (Thursday)? If so, how long was the wait? Where there any additional price reductions?

  8. I went there around 3 . No wait..no additional down.
    Less bag collection..

  9. AdditionaL reductions today. Waiting online to get in. Doors open at 11. Will let u know if i get anything.

  10. Yes! Not a big selection of shoes but plenty of clothes left!everything is reduced!

    1. What are the reduced prices like for clothing items?? Thanks!

  11. Sweaters 85
    Dresses 105
    Skirts 60
    Embellishex tops 60
    Blouses 65

  12. just came back. Short line to get in the leather Tory Tote is now $150 and the Michelle tote is $125. Only Turquoise left in the Michelle tote. The Amanda bags were reduced by $5 only. Shoe selection is very small now, mostly size 7 left.

  13. the drawstring perf totes were also $125.

  14. were any michelle totes left as of last night?


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