Dec 3, 2013

*SAMPLE SALE* The Bone Collector

City chic girls just can't get enough of Rag & Bone's effortless urban style. Perfect for creating cool off-duty looks, a piece of Rag & Bone will always add subtle edge to your outfit. The only downside is the brand's well-made pieces come with hefty price tags. That is why the label's bi-annual sample sale never fails to gets shoppers excited. Earlier today, I attended the F&F portion of this week's Rag & Bone sample sale and watched a large group of shoppers hoarding and collecting (Rag &) Bones. So, let's see what we can dig up, shall we?

Following tradition, Chelsea Market was the sale venue for the company's sample sale. And I have to say, it was SWARMING inside with bargain shoppers. Though today was intended for friends & family, the general public was allowed in early this afternoon and therefore caused a dangerously overcrowding situation. The shoe section, for instance, was completely mobbed with ladies--making it almost impossible for me to even take a quick glimpse at the goods. When I finally found a tiny space to squeeze into, I was able to spot only a few pairs of $195 booties and $150 flats.

Moving on to women's clothing. Just like the last sale in June, sweaters, knitwear, and tees were piled on a giant table in the center of the room. Here, I was able to spot Rag & Bone's casual cool sweaters for $95 & $150. T-shirts were priced $40 & $55 while T-shirt dresses were $85. Dresses, outerwear, jackets, and tops were organized on a multitude of racks and I spotted the Bowery jackets, Charles blazers, Alyssa dresses, and Lyon dresses.

The handbag section was comprised of Pilot totes & clutches. Many shoppers were hoarding handbags to the max and here's why. Large Pilots are currently priced $850~$925 online, but at today's sale, they were marked down to $295~$350. Small Pilots were $250~$285 (online price $695~$725) while clutches were also $250~$285.

Menswear was noticeably more relaxed compared to the battle ground that was women's section. In the men's department, blazers & jackets were $250~$595, outerwear was $350~$450, sweaters were $150, pants were $125, T-shirts were $40~$55, and shoes were $125~$195. The sale officially begins tomorrow at 10:30am and I'm told the merchandise will be replenished throughout the sale. Today's F&F portion was absolute chaos. I can't imagine what tomorrow's first day opening will be like. So, be safe and happy shopping!

Price list:
Blazers and jackets $250
Leather combo and special jackets $350
Leather jackets $595
Outerwear $350
Shearling combo/Leather combo outerwear $450
Dresses $195
Leather and combo dresses $295
Leather dresses $595
Pants $125
Leather combo pants $195
Leather pants $595
Shorts $125
Tops $115
Leather combo tops $195
Skirts $150
Leather skirts $350
Collection sweaters $150
/JEAN sweaters $95
Collection T-shirts $55
/JEAN T-shirts $40
T-shirt dresses $85
Vests $175
Accessories $65
Wallets $125
Shoes $195
Flats $150
Luxe shoes $295
/JEAN pants $98
/JEAN jeans $98
/JEAN leather pants $395
/JEAN leather shorts $250
/JEAN combo bottoms $150
/JEAN jackets with fleece $195
/JEAN jackets with leather sleeves $250
/JEAN T-shirts $40
/JEAN sweaters $95

Pilot bags and clutches
Large Pilot perforated $350
Large Pilot suede/leather $295
Small Pilot perforated $285
Small Pilot suede/leather $250
Clutches perforated $285
Clutches suede/leather $250
Pilot tote $195

Blazers and jackets $250
Greenfield blazers $595
Leather jackets $595
Outerwear $350
Shearling combo/Leather combo outerwear $450
Sweaters $150
Pants $125
Greenfield pants $195
Shirts $98
T-shirts short sleeved $40
T-shirts long sleeved $55
Sweatshirts lightweight $85
Sweatshirts heavyweight $125
Vests $125
Jeans $98
Shoes $195
Sneakers $125


  1. I can only make it on Saturday! We they be restocking on each new day?

    1. Yes, I was told daily and as long as there is inventory left.

  2. Thank you for a thorough reporting

  3. have there been price reductions toward the end of the sale in the past?

    1. Unfortunately, no. But I will make sure to keep you updated.

  4. any pilot bags left?


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