Feb 3, 2015

Hermès Price Increase Update: Handbags

As I alerted my fellow Mizhattanites last month, Hermès has begun marking up prices on their luxury goods for the new year and handbags are the first to see the increase. Looking at the newly marked price tags on coveted names such as Berline, Jypsière, Birkin, and Kelly, we can see an average hike of approximately 10%. As of last week, Hermès' e-boutique has also updated prices to reflect the changes and I've put together a list for you to see below.

     Berline mini: $6,450 went up to $7,150
     Jypsière 31: $8,250 went up to $9,350
     Jypsière 34: $9,100 went up to $9,750
     Evelyn III GM: $3,400 went up to $3,750
     Victoria II: $4,975 went up to $5,150
     Double Sens 45: $3,800 went up to $4,050

Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering about Hermès' two iconics: Birkin and Kelly. I've been informed the Birkin 30 in Togo leather is now a little over $11,000 while the 35 in the same leather jumped to $11,900. In addition, the Birkin 35 in Epsom has gone up to $11,700 while Kelly 32 in Togo is now priced $10,400.

While writing this article, I can't help but remember the one episode from Sex and the City when Samantha Jones goes into an Hermès boutique asking for a Birkin. The sales associate tells her the bag is $4,000. Can you imagine that?! As you can do the math, the price of a Birkin has done some climbing in recent years. I hate to sound like an old lady but boy, those were the good ol' days.

{Image credit: Vogue China, October 2014}


  1. talking about inflation, Hermes is one iconic indicator to represent we are still in the inflation period.

  2. Does the price increase affect all Hermes? Or is this only for North America?

    1. It's for all Hermès boutiques worldwide. The only difference is dependent on currency exchanges.

  3. The Red bag looks just like the Lederer de Paris H bag. They used to have a store on Madison and 61st and were made of same calf leather as the Hermes. Totally legit as Hermes lost a fight against them!


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