Mar 31, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Bauble-licious

Be it a glamorous cocktail dress or a pair of relaxed jeans, the wonderful thing about jewelry is that it goes with everything. And while owning a shimmering piece of well-crafted jewelry from an upscale joaillerie can make a girl feel empowered and downright fabulous, there are budget-friendly options like BaubleBar to help you add a hint of sparkle without breaking the bank. The wallet-friendly online jewelry retailer kicks off their spring sample sale this week and I checked out their offerings during this morning F&F hours. So, without a minute to waste, let's get chewing on the facts from today's Bauble-licious BaubleBar sale.

The entire space at 260 Sample Sale was gleaming with faux pearls, gems, and other sparkly things when I dropped by this morning. The merchandise was divided into four categories: earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Within each section, items were organized by price.

Starting with earrings, there were several trays of studs and drop styles situated near the lefthand wall. Prices started as low as $5 for simple studs and went up to $20 for statement styles. I wasn't able to find their Christian Dior knock-off Pearl 360 earrings but there were plenty of cheap thrills like suspension pearl drops & crystal dandelion drops to go around.

As for bracelets, mounds full of different designs were placed inside acrylic trays in the back lefthand corner of the venue. Items included snakeskin cuffs, pyramids, multi-layered faux pearls, and pavé link bracelets. Just like earrings, prices for bracelets ranged from $5 to $20.

The ring section was comprised of five or so trays situated in the back of the sale space and I spotted pearl two-finger rings, gold bow rings, and oyster two-finger rings. Prices for rings were $5-$12.

The true star of today's BaubleBar sample sale were the necklaces. Though there was a small selection of delicate pendants marked down to $10, statement stunners, look-at-me chokers, and lavish bibs dominated the sale. With everything priced $25 and under, shoppers were busily perusing through shiny accessories to elevate their spring outfits.

This morning's queue wasn't bad at all but I suspect that will change when the sale officially kicks off at 1pm and welcomes the lunch crowd. Since the discounts were as eye-catching as the brand's designs, I feel this sale will be a nice guilt-free retail therapy session perfect for your lunch break. Finally, there is no word on whether there will be further markdowns as the sale progresses but I will make sure to keep you updated.

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