Oct 19, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Contemporary and Cool at Elizabeth and James

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's contemporary and cool fashion label, Elizabeth and James, is back in the mix this week with their bi-annual bargain festivities. The brand's sample sales have always been quite popular amongst the young, trendy fashion crowd which is one of the reasons why I decided to stop by and preview the offerings. With the sale officially kicking off tomorrow at 10am, here's what you can expect from this week's Elizabeth and James sale.

Combining feminine details with masculine silhouettes, Elizabeth and James' androgynous aesthetic mirrors the Olsen twin's eclectic personal style. At today's F&F preview, I came across many of the the duo's carefree designs from past collections.

Starting with womenswear, the selection included designs from Elizabeth and James as well as the brand's lower-priced diffusion line TEXTILE Elizabeth and James. All of the inventory was organized by category and sizes were available from x-small to large. Among the multiple aisles of clothes, I found a variety of cool girl must-haves like leopard print pencil skirts, light blue tulle skirts, silk sleeveless blouses, pink tailored vests, palm print pants, cutout mini frocks, pink leather moto jackets, denim shorts, floral mini skirts, and plaid shirts. In addition, there were eight racks of jeans from TEXTILE Elizabeth and James.

Other than leather jackets and furs priced $50 higher this time around, prices didn't waver much from their last sale. To give you a few more price points, dresses were still $100, skirts were still $80, pants were still $70, and sweaters were still $45. Unsurprisingly, prices on TEXTILE goods were lower than the main line. Other than $100 jackets, everything else was marked down to $70 and under.

The most popular area at today's preview was the sample racks located all the way in the back of the venue. There were six racks plus three double-level racks of sample items that contained $100 outerwear, $50 blazers, $50 dresses, $30 sweaters, $10 tees, $20 tops, and $30 bottoms. You can see the full price list at the end of this article.

If you're only looking to snag up some Elizabeth and James accessories, you might as well skip the sale entirely as there were no handbags, shoes, or other accessories present. The only items available were $50 hats and $15 promotional totes.

Coincidently or not, both of the Olsen twin's fashion lines are hosting sample sales this week. If you don't find Elizabeth and James' discounted offerings to you liking, you might want to try your luck at The Row sale which starts on Thursday.

Price list:
Elizabeth and James
Leather jackets $300
Assorted fur $300
Leather dresses $250
Leather skirts $250
Leather bottoms $250
Assorted feathers $150
Assorted jackets/ponchos $150
Leather tops $150
Dresses $100
Blazers $100
Vests $100
Jumpsuits/Rompers $100
Sweaters $90
Skirts $80
Pants $70
Shirts/Blouses $70
Shorts $60
Knit tops/Sweatshirts $45
Tees/Tanks $25
Hats $50
Convertible event bags $15
Tote bags $2

Jackets $100
Vests/Shirts $70
Dresses $50
Pants $50
Shorts $40
Sweaters $40
Knit tops $40
Sweatshirts $40
Tees $25

Jackets/Blazers $50
Leathers/Furs $100
Outerwear $100
Dresses $50
Sweaters $30
Bottoms $30
Vests $30
Blouses/Tops $20
Tees $10
Non EJ products $15


  1. was there leather or fur on the sample racks? thanks!


    1. Yes there was fur and leather on the sample racks. By time I left they were all pretty much gone except a pink iris vest. We asked the sales associate of new samples are coming out tomorrow and they said no :(

  2. are there any everleigh tulle skirts left in smaller sizes?

  3. Thanks for this ss review. Saved me a trip

  4. SALE UPDATE: Further reductions taken starting today. Take an extra 30% off.

  5. extra 50% as of today!


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