Oct 20, 2015


Joining this week's slew of sample sales is the 4-day long Phillip Lim sample sale. The event opens to the general public at noon today but, this morning, the sale was already bustling with press and F&F. OMG! Pashli! And other 3.1 coveted bags were available so, without further ado, here's what went down at the fall 2015 Phillip Lim shopping spree.

As it is the norm with any Phillip Lim sample sale, the handbag section was the most action-packed. Situated on the left side behind menswear, shoppers were hoarding Pashli bags like no one's business. Therefore, by the time I got near the shelves and tables, only one Pashli in turtle embossed style remained. For those lucky enough to snag Pashlis, regardless of size or color, they were going for $450. Shoppers who weren't quick enough to pick up one or two were swarming around the area like hard working bees waiting for staff to replenish. And speaking of which, a very limited stock of Pashlis will be put out some point later in the sale so some of you might get lucky.

Other handbag that I spotted included 31 Hour bags, 31 Hour backpacks, Soleil buckets, Soleil chain shoulder bags, Ryder satchels, OMG 31 Second pouches, and Wednesday satchels. Prices on these bags ranged from $150 to $450.

In my opinion, the women's shoe section was the gem of this sale. Located at the back of the sale venue, every pair was marked down to just $100. I found a nice assortment of flats, sandals, sneakers, and boots for shoppers to choose from. In terms of designs, I spotted Issa boots, Beau wedges, Martini sandals, Devon flats, Martini ankle strap flats, and Berlin chain boots.

Womenswear was comprised of twenty-five racks of Phillip Lim's past season collections. Fur coats were $650, leather jackets were $500, other outerwear/jackets were $175~$400, sweaters were $150 & $300, bottoms were $75~$350, and dresses were $175~$500.

Men's merchandise was also present at today's sale but wasn't nearly as plentiful as the women's. The inventory consisted of ten racks of RTW (sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats, pants, vests, and such) plus a very limited array of shoes. Prices on menswear started at $50 for tees/tanks and went up to $700 for shearling/furs.

The public line outside the sale was growing at a very quick pace this morning so expect a long wait to get in if you plan on hitting the sale in the afternoon. If and when further markdowns hit, I will make sure to update this article.

Price list:
Embellished/Embroidered tops $150
Long sleeve woven tops $150
Short sleeve/Sleeveless/Tanks $100
Long sleeve t-shirts/Short sleeve t-shirts/tanks $50
Embellished/Embroidered sweaters $300
All other sweaters/Cardigans $150
Leather/Sequin skirts and pants $350
Skirts $100
Pants/Jeans/Shorts $75
Evening gowns $500
Cocktail dresses $400
Sweater dresses/T-shirt dresses/Day dresses $175
Shearling coats/Fur coats $650
Leather jackets $500
Fur vests $350
Coats $400
Trench coats $250
Jackets (wool/cotton/denim/silk) $175

Tops $50
Bottoms $50
Bras $30
Panties $30

Set $50
Top $25
Bottom $25
Coverup $50

Shearling coats/Fur coats $700
Leather/Suede/Patent coats $500
Trench coats $400
Wool coats/Jackets $300
Cotton jackets $250
Denim jackets $200
Pants/Jeans $100
Shorts $75
Long sleeve/Short sleeve tops $100
Sweaters/Cardigans $150
T-shirts/Tanks $50

Large bags $450
Medium bags $300
Small bags $200
Clutches $150
Large wallets $100
Small wallets $75
Keychains $20
Shoes $100
Belts $50
Necklaces $50
Scarves $75
Fur scarves $150
Fur gloves $100
Gloves $50
Sunglasses $75


  1. I was very sad all the pashli, even minis were $450. Last sale despite size priced was as labeled on the walls.

  2. How are the sizes for shoes? Are most sizes available?

  3. Went there around 2:30 . No line at all all the good stuffs are gone. Shoes not that much to choose from, most clothing are damaged . Saw a few bags. Most of the stuff that were available were also leftover from May 2015 sample sale. Unless they will reduce prices, it's a go. If not Its not worth the time.

  4. Any black pashli backpacks left?

  5. Excellent report and pics Miz!!! What's the line like this morning? Thanks!

  6. Sale extended through Saturday.

  7. Does anyone know what the current handbag stock is like? I'm not interested in Pashlis, actually just Soleil Mini Chains and any model of Alix. Thank you :)

  8. Went today and they didn't have that many "good" handbag styles left. What few handbags were left were all a bit scruffy and manhandled so I didn't think they were worth the $200-400 price point. I'll wait for a Saks or Neiman's sale in the winter. They didn't have any lines or wait to get in so that helped, but I was in and out within 15 minutes.

  9. I also went, not a lot of anything worthy of the price point


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