Feb 16, 2016

Label to Love: Cuyana

I first learned about Cuyana, a lovely fashion accessory label, from a fellow Mizhattanite who mentioned it in the comment section of a past article. I've been browsing the brand's website on and off ever since, and this weekend, I had a chance to take a gander at their new spring arrivals. Cuyana's designs, as you can see, are completely understated, highly functional, and their prices are very reasonable. The cherry on the cake is that the brand recently expanded into apparel--making it the ultimate lifestyle brand for people who love minimalism. For more details, check out the company's collection as it is a gold mine of simplistic design.

{Image credit: Cuyana}


  1. OOO. Might pick up an overnight bag from them!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Great sense of style! Keep dry today!


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