Mar 13, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Roger Vivier

Much to the joy of shoeaholics everywhere, the annual Roger Vivier sample sale is making its return this week. The sale, like in previous years, will take place at Soiffer Haskin and will run for 4 days starting this Friday, March 18th. Although markdowns are usually incredible (the brand's last sale had prices starting at $225), the Vivier events have gotten progressively duller due to the lack of diversity in sizes (previous sales had sizes 38 and up). Regardless of this shortcoming, the label continues to attract a very large turnout on opening day, so make sure to prepare yourself for long lines and loud commotion if you plan on attending.

Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)

When: Friday, March 18th, 10am~7pm
Saturday, March 19th, 9am~6:30pm
Sunday, March 20th, 9am~6:30pm
Monday, March 21st, 9am~5pm

UPDATE: Photos & info from this sale

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{Image credit: Elle Canada, March 2015}


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    1. I was there this morning and the selection of small sizes was much better than last year! Far more 36-37 than I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised!


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