Apr 18, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Vivienne Westwood

Roll out the carpet and sound the trumpets! Vivienne Westwood, the queen of punk, grande dame of Brit fashion, is set to host her spring 2016 sample sale on this side of the pond. With generous markdowns, the 4-day long Westwood event will feature apparel, shoes, bags, small leather goods, scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses from the Spring '15 and Fall '15 collections of Anglomania, Red Label, and Gold Label. To help my fellow Mizhattanites get a better feel of what is usually offered at the Westwood sample sales, you can read the full Mizhattan report from April '15 or look through photos from their sale in October '15: here & here.

Where: 20 W. 36th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.), 6th Floor

When: Thursday, April 21st through Sunday, April 24th. 10am~6pm

UPDATE: Photos & info from this sale

{Image credit: Vivienne Westwood}


  1. Thanks of the information! But is it a public sample sale and no need to get invitation to get in?

    1. Hi Yilin,

      No invitation needed. The sale is open to the public.

  2. Thanks for filling us in on men's as well! - Jorge

  3. I went. Line to checkout was 40-minutes but place was not that busy. They need a faster system.

    90% off men's section is pretty picked through unless you want blazers. 60% off section has a lot. No men's shoes.

    50% off accessories (ties, etc.) is still too much in my opinion because I feel they mark prices up here and then give the big ticketed discounts.

  4. FOR MEN: unless you are a Vivienne Westwood fan, NOT worth going. About five racks of menswear are discounted at 90%, comprised of jackets, tops and pants with designs that you'll hardly find any opportunity to wear. Except for the sweatshirts and t-shirts, most of the other items were originally sold above $1,000.

  5. I agree that the MEN's section was lacking this time. This is my third time at this sale. I got lucky on one button down shirt in the 90% off section but not worth it otherwise since the remaining pieces Thursday afternoon in the 90% off section are not wearable unless you are a true night club. The 60% off section is still too expensive IMO. I feel you can do better but they have historically increased the 60% off section to 80% Sunday.

  6. Replies
    1. The 60% off section is now 90% off. Bags are 70% off:)


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