Jun 20, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Meet My Crew-ush

It's a brand new week, folks! And if there's one thing that can get us out of bed and stave off the post-weekend blues, it's J.Crew and Madewell's bi-annual bargain bonanza. The preppy, casual American label along with its hip, tomboyish sister brand are hosting a week-long sample sale this week and I swung by Midtown earlier this morning to see if I could find some new summer looks for myself.

If your 4th of July weekend plans run the gamut from taking a quick fun getaway to laying low in the city, this week's J.Crew and Madewell sample sale has got your vacay outfits covered. From classic Breton stripes to playful polka-dots to bright tropical colors, the sale has something for every type of fun-in-the-sun outing.

To start with some good news, prices have gone down slightly in comparison to previous iterations of this sale. For example, in women's apparel, suiting jackets and blazers are now $90 (down from $120 in November), tailored trousers are $50 (down from $70), and cashmere sweaters are $10 cheaper than last year.

J.Crew Collection pieces made their usual welcomed appearance today. Items were filed into one aisle and placed nearest to the entrance. Depending on the item, prices ranged from $50 to $275 and the selection consisted of dresses, embellished blouses, printed skirts, cocktail dresses, and evening jackets. Behind the Collection pieces were three racks dedicated to J.Crew's cashmere inventory.

Women's apparel from Madewell was not as plentiful as previous sales (which may explain the reason for the joint sample sale). Set up on the left side of the venue, the one aisle of Madewell apparel included two racks of jeans/pants, two racks of dresses, tees, tanks, sweaters, and skirts in various prints and sizes. To mention a few price points, dresses were $30 & $45, jeans were $40, chinos were $25, sweaters were $35~$80, and tees were $15~$40.

Footwear was mostly J.Crew-branded with a little Madewell mixed in. Shoes were available from size 5 through 12 and prices were down quite a bit. Booties, pumps, and heeled sandals are $30 cheaper than before, while flats and espadrilles saw a decrease of $15 when compared to last November. The full pricing on shoes: tall boots for $90, heels & ankle boots for $70, flats for $50, sneakers and weather styles for $25, and flip flops for $10.

Additional accessories included ten bins full of bags (fabric for $20 & $45 while leather for $75 & $90), two bins of belts for $20, three bins of socks/hosiery for $10, two bins of phone cases for $10, two vitrines of jewelry for $10~$50, and swimsuits for $20 (separates) & $40 (one-pieces).

As for kidswear, Crewcuts were located in the back with twelve racks of boys' and girls' apparel, three plastic bins of shoes, and one bin of swimsuits (priced $15~$50).

Finally, the men's sale is located at 43 Wooster Street in SoHo this year. I didn't have a chance to check it out but you can see the full price list for both women and men at the end of this article.

Price list:
Medium/Large leather bags $90
Small leather bags $75
Medium/Large fabric bags $45
Small fabric bags $20
Madewell medium & large leather bags $60
Madewell small leather bags $35
Belts/Ties/Pocket squares $20
Socks/Tights/Small accessories $10

Embellished necklaces $50
Necklaces $20
Bracelets/Earrings $20
Rings $20
Bangles $15
Pins $10
Hair accessories $5
Madewell bracelets & earrings $15
Madewell rings $10
Madewell bangles $15

Mid calf/Tall boots $90
Heels/Ankle boots $70
Flats/Sandals/Espadrilles $50
Weather/Seasonal/Sneakers $25
Rubber flip-flops $10
Men's dress shoes $100

Party/Wear to work dresses $60
Cotton/Jersey dresses $30
Madewell dresses $45
Wool outerwear $150
Suiting jackets/Blazers $90
Long puffer/Trenches $90
Casual/Puffer jackets $60
Suiting vests $40
Wool/Dress pants $50
Denim pants $40
Chino/Cord pants $25
Wool/Silk/Cashmere skirts $40
Chino/Cord/Denim skirts $25
Cashmere sweaters $80
Cashmere tee/Tank/Vest sweaters $55
Cotton/Wool sweaters $35
Women's one piece swimsuits $40
Women's swim separates $20
Men's swimsuits $25
Tops $15~$40
Weekend/Sleepwear $20
Crewcuts $15~$50


  1. Does anyone know how are the lines looking?

  2. Thank you, Miz! Was there a fitting area this time?

    1. Hi kramola,

      There was no fitting room or full length mirrors.

  3. Does it get restocked every day? Great review!

    1. Hi Katherine,

      I was told there will be some restocking but not everyday. Thank you for reading!

  4. Thanks Miz for the review!!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  5. How much were hats? Thank you for the review!

    1. Hi hanna,

      They were $20. Thank you for reading!

    2. Thank you! Definitely heading over there tomorrow.

  6. Hi, thinking of going to this today, any idea of what's left... is it worth my time?

    1. Hi Julie D,

      Prices dropped today so it might be worth stopping by.

  7. SALE UPDATE (6/24): Further reductions taken effect. Enjoy an extra 30% off.

    1. Hi Miz, love your post as always. Question - do you think as tmw is last day, they'll have 50% off? Thanks

    2. Sunday, not tomorrow, is the last day of the sale. I would wait until then for additional markdowns.

    3. cool. I'll wait then. Thanks!

    4. It went to 50% off today (Saturday).

  8. SALE UPDATE (6/25): Tomorrow is the final day of the sale. Enjoy even further reductions. Everything is now 50% off.


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