Jan 30, 2013

The Art of Making: Hermès Kelly

I believe we can all agree that the Hermès Kelly bag is so much more than a bag. It is the ultimate status symbol. Owning a Kelly not only shows that you have impeccable style, but it also means that you are the possessor of an icon...a piece of fashion history. I admit that whenever I hear about another Hermès price increase, I roll my eyes and ask myself if their merchandise is really worth the asking price. But if you just take a moment to see these atelier shots of how much work and care goes into making a single Kelly (it requires over 20 hours to complete and the handle alone takes 4 hours of work), I think you'll come away agreeing with me that it is indeed worth every single cent. Like other investment-worthy pieces (here, here, and here), it truly is a masterpiece.

{Image credit: Koto Bolofo}


  1. The bag probably costs more than the artist makes in a year....

  2. It's also a symbol of CAPITALISM!!! If you can afford a Hermes bag, you must be the top 2%!!


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